Cake for my nephew’s birthday and my sister’s failed surprise… :-)

Hello there! 🙂

Feb 25 is my big sister’s birthday. My sister has been very supportive of me with all my endeavors (and thats not few)… 🙂 I really want to give back something to her as a token of my appreciation so i planned to bake her favorite red velvet cake and design it like our calculator (Ate Carmi-eldest, Me-middle, Carolin-youngest; we bought 3 identical calculators for ourselves). I drew an exact replica of our calculator as a symbol that reminds me of her… 🙂

Last Feb 23, while i was tutoring her eldest daughter, she came in the room and asked me if i was busy no the next few days. I initially thought that maybe she wanted me to help her with her work or something (and i didnt want to tell her that i was making her a cake) so i said i was free. She then asked me if i could make a cake for her bday but design it depending on how her son wants it to look………….. *birds chirping* ………. I looked at her and said, “Kakainis ka te… 🙂 Gagawan dapat kita ng cake e… (this is so frustrating… i was suppose to make you a cake…) :-)” I then got my notebook where i sketched the cake that i was going to make for her… Her eyes sparkled with pure joy… 🙂 I was so happy… 🙂 My surprise cake wasn’t delivered but i got the result i hoped for……her genuine happiness; the one she deserves for being the best older sister a person could wish for… 🙂

My nephew love cars. I mean, he really LOVES them… 🙂 He wanted a real moving car that can last him years (which a cake is not really capable of) so we decided to make a race track cake and buy a toy car to place on top… 🙂 So, here it is… 🙂


Until next time… 🙂 God bless… 🙂



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