Economic Growth of The Philippines and bombings at Central Mindanao

Hello there!

Lately, there are tons of changes that the Philippines is going through. News on our economic growth is really great! 🙂 There are people saying that those are just numbers and that the majority doesn’t feel a thing… but hey, something is always better than nothing. Besides, does people really expect change to happen in just a snap??! (Yung iba naman, may masabi lang?? Hmmp!) Try putting yourself in the shoes of the government/president, what would you have done to increase the economic percentage and at the same time balancing the other aspects and issues, then have it felt by every person in the country. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

I also heard about the bombings in different parts of Central Mindanao. Well… this is really sad. I couldn’t quite figure why people do that. But you know what’s both sad and funny?? A prominent news caster said that in one of those bombing incidents, the one used for bombing is just fertilizer mixed with something else (sorry, wasn’t able to take note what that something was… :-D). He also said that the components used for making bombs or explosives are readily available in Mindanao. What I was thinking was, if ordinary people can make explosives, why can’t our PNP or Army make some as well. I mean, I know it would seem lame or weird, but it’s effective and inexpensive isn’t it?? [Dagdag sa explosives din yon… :-D]

Remembering Commodore Ramon Alcaraz in WWII; they may be ill-equipped, the odds may be to their disadvantage — His Q-Boat was made of wood yet he managed to shoot 3 of the 9 ships of the opponent — and yet they did not back down on the enemy. [ I got that from the Philippine Daily Inquirer (mobile app) which quoted President Noynoy.] Let’s improvise! 😀

With that, I believe we can produce 3x, 4x or even 5x more explosives than actually buying branded ones. But ofcourse, we still need to buy good guns and other stuff to boost the confidence and self-esteem of our soldiers. Parang pampa-dami lang ba… 😀 I also feel that the army and other sections will feel  ashamed if they use those fertilizer bombs or improvised explosives, but that’s just because of the name “fertilizer”. To address that, lets just change the name… 😀 Like IE007 (IE for improvised explosive and 007 for James Bond! Hahahaha!) or the like… 🙂 i believe that there’s nothing to be ashamed of especially if it will help strengthen our military force. plus, some are just ashamed because they do no understand. They only know that it is made of fertilizer, but the effectiveness and the advantages we get compared to other explosives we currently use, they are not aware of or they don’t consider. Think about it. If ordinary people can do it, why not our military representatives?

Suggestion: Maybe the government can assign a certain group (specialists, chemist, etc) to make sophisticated improvised explosives using  readily available materials as its components. Remember,  “Maliit man, nakakapuwing din”. 😀

Until next time! 🙂




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