What to do, what to feel… Advices are very much appreciated!

Hello there!

Umm, I really feel bad in terms of whats happening in and with our family lately… :-/ My parents fight non-stop for I think more than a week now (major 1 topic fight). I mean, they’re not a perfect couple so you would really see them argue or even fight once in a while (verbal only). But lately, my dad uses cuss words and even breaks things (which he never really does). Since their voices are so loud (plus the fact that our mom tells us whats happening), we got to know the issue.

My dad runs his own brokerage and his newly opened import and export business (legal and with all the necessary permits). He is a legit businessman. His brokerage was handed down to him by my grandfather, while venturing in his import and export business is all his decision. For years, he has served his clients to the best of his abilities.

One day, may cousin talked to my parents regarding a person he knows that needs help. I do not know all the details but i know that this person wanted to deposit money in my father’s business account so to somehow lower his/her taxes collected by BIR. Since this cousin of mine is really close to my mom, he and his mother convinced my mom to convince my dad to agree (plus, they’ll get a certain percentage every transaction). My dad still isn’t that convinced but they promised that nothing bad will happen and it wont affect his business in any way. Because my dad trusts them (and because they are my mom’s relatives…plus my mom convinced him so much), he agreed.

To cut the story short, the end result was that the business account of my dad was closed by the bank, which would mean that he now has a bad record in the bank (suspicions arose because the amounts were unusually big — about 90k+ dollars per transaction and in addition to that, there were no document to back up where the money was going; my dad told them to stop putting money after the first transaction because he wanted them to provide the necessary documents needed by the bank first) and that he wont be able to process the shipments from his importers. So in short, he lost his credibility and is job/business. He was really upset! And i mean REALLY REALLY UPSET.

To cut the story short again, he asked for “danyos” (money for the damages, hassle of reprocessing all the permits and such, and the profit he could have gotten if he hadn’t cancelled the incoming shipment of his importer), about 21k dollars.

A lot of talks, arguements and misunderstandings came about. My dad having doubts if the people would still pay him the danyos if he gave the whole amount of the last deposit, he took the 21k then gave the rest back to them. Ofcourse, they were so angry. They were really angry to the point that they were threatening our family.

My dad thinks they just wanted to scare my cousin and all involved, so he didn’t believe them. My mom thinks otherwise. In the 21k that my dad got, there was only 5k+ left after paying certain debts; my mom is holding the money. Because she was so scared for my dad and for us, she talked to my dad and suggested that they return whats left of the money so to (maybe) stop the possible negative things to happen to our family. My dad being stubborn, he disagrees. But since my mom is stubborn as well, she still gave the 5k dollars to my cousin to return it to those people. So now, my parent are fighting their heart out. Well actually, its just my dad who’s really mad. What’s bad about that is he doesn’t think of what he is saying. He called my mom stupid, “tanga”, “bobo”, and even “pokpok” (call girl/stripper/a really cheap person) in front of us.

I almost snapped several times in their conversation cause I have phobia with people shouting/fighting (good thing i held my composure even though my heart was pounding so hard that it almost jumped out of my body). I really don’t know what to do or what to think or what to say knowing that both of tem has a point. I know that talking to my dad would just make things worse (because he is narrow-minded at times), plus he might think im siding with my mom. Well, if i was in that situation, i would also probably do what my mom did because the safety of my family would always come first for me.

Hay!!! So who’s fault is it?? Really??? What do you think of my situation.. Please share you opinion/advice/suggestion.

Until next time!



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