Election Season 2013

“Your choices will define you!”

That’s a quote I believe that can very much explain or be associated to everyone this election season.

Did you or did you not vote? Whatever your answer is, your choice will still define you. If no, why? Too busy to know the registration dates? Or maybe you don’t want to feel the hassle of waiting too long in line and such? Or is it because you totally lost faith in democracy and you think that your vote wouldn’t matter because whoever it is that will win, he/she/they wouldn’t be able (or wouldn’t want) to make a difference anyway? Whatever it is, your choice will still define you.

Did you vote for the candidate you think deserved the position or did you vote that person because of a sample balot or money given to you? Did you vote them because of their credentials or because of their parent’s past records? Whatever it may be, your choices will still define you.

I really hope people start thinking… thinking hard enough for the betterment of our country. Make the right choices. Stop thinking about yourself and start looking at the bigger picture. Eventually, when people start thinking and listening, we will make the right choices, and with that comes our definition… our country’s definition.

Thank you and God bless us all! 🙂




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