Lechon Kawali for dinner! (05.09.13)

Lechon Kawali Trial Part 1

For weeks now, I’ve been pestering my mom, telling her that I really want to make Lechon Kawali. Lechon Kawali is a well-known Filipino pork dish that is deep fried in a pan or wok known as “kawali”; hence its name. As days passed by, i sort of forgot that I wanted to cook the dish because I became a bit busy (you know, business stuff… hahaha!). When I woke up earlier this day, after my morning routine, I went to my mom’s room for brunch. While eating, she said, “Ano bang pwedeng luto dito? (What dish can we make of this?)” referring to the slices of thawed pork belly in her table. “LECHON KAWALI!!!” I said. Of course, without any choice, she agreed. haha! 😀

Originally, I wanted a big slab of pork, seasoned with salt and pepper, slow cooked in stock then deep fried to perfection. But of course, not all plans go accordingly. I had slices so I had to make do. After seasoning, I pressure cooked it in stock for about 10 minutes, then deep fried it. Unfortunately, my dad has a hard time chewing crispy or golden fried meat so we (my sister and I–we were the ones cooking) had to adjust the time and temperature of the oil so not to fry it too much (while frying, once the meat is golden on the outside, lift 1/2 way, fat-part still soaked, until the skin is crunchy enough).

The outcome was good… 🙂 We had a flavourful, succulent, melts-in-your-mouth type of Lechon Kawali. Not crispy enough though if compared to the classic lechon kawali. But it’s not bad… not bad at all! 🙂 In fact, It’s good… 😀

Until next time! 🙂




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